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Location Villa Atria


Luxury Villa Atria is located in the gorgeous Ližnjan.

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Villa Atria is located in the far southwest of the largest Croatian peninsula – Istria, in the municipality of Ližnjan.

The proximity to the largest Istrian city, Pula, makes Ližnjan well-connected by roads, air corridor and rail.

The coastline of this the Municipality of Ližnjan, almost 28 kilometres long, is adorned with numerous hidden gems just waiting to be discovered – pristine bays, capes, and one of the last underwater meadows of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica named after the Greek god Poseidon.

Location Villa Atria
Location Villa Atria

Nearby beatches

List of beaches

4 of the most popular beaches near Ližnjan are:


2 KM / 4 MIN.

This is a cove sheltered from stronger waves from the open sea with quiet and clear sea. It offers parasols for rent. The rich offer on this beach is complemented by pedal boats for rent, a beach volleyball court and a beach bar, as well as a promenade with beautiful views.

Beach cape

4 KM / 10 MIN.

Seemingly inhospitable due to its sharp rocky peaks, this beach has several gravelly micro-locations that allow you to truly enjoy yourself if you reach them on time. It is perfect for adventurers, has no facilities and provides an authentic adventure experience.


4 KM / 10 MIN.

Kuvišeja, a beach inaccessible from the mainland, but a hit among boaters because it allows swimming in the clear and calm sea without any crowds. At a distance of 12 minutes by car, i.e. 4.2 km from Ližnjan, it is in a very desirable location for visitors who prefer peace.


4 KM / 10 MIN.

The Kale cove, with an eponymous pebble beach, is a frequent destination for many boaters. It is loved by the more adventurous souls who appreciate the crystal-clear sea and peace, and like to avoid crowds.

Location Villa Atria

Explore the coast


To visit the underwater meadows of Posidonia oceanica, you will be assisted by the Ližnjan-based underwater sports and fishing association Marlera. Besides deep diving, there are many other activities for anyone. Boaters, lovers of sunshine, casual swimming or sunbathing in peaceful and quiet places, families with children, and more experienced swimmers, will each find something for themselves in this abundance of natural beaches near Villa Atria. For explorers, there is a special treat and something completely different – a 600-metre-long trail with life-size dinosaur models that lead to Grakalovac cape and prints of real dinosaurs that once lived there. It is located at the Kamenjak cape, near the Premantura peninsula, in the southernmost part of Istria, known for the exceptional cleanliness of its sea.

Where are we?


Istria offers something for everyone – exploring, swimming, sailing, natural, cultural and historical sights, classical and traditional concerts. At the same time, it is an urban place for going out and a gastronomic paradise.

According to Yahoo, Istria is one of the top 12 places for travelling in 2020. One of the gastronomic peculiarities of Istria is that it has as many as 77 out of the 500 best olive growers in the world. As a confirmation of quality, Istria won an award as the region that produces the highest quality extra virgin olive in the world for the fifth year in a row.

In addition to the mentioned special features of the Ližnjan surroundings, there are numerous and diverse sports, cultural, gastronomic and other festivals in Istria.

Explore & enjoy

Enjoy Istria

Not far from Ližnjan is Pula with a rich culture and history (here, among other monuments, is the famous Pula Arena), and a little further, at the top of the hill, is Motovun, a village known for its rich source of truffles.

Located in the deepest inland of Istria, the small town of Draguć, is an inevitable part of the Istrian adventure. It’s known as Istrian Hollywood due to the frequent visits from foreign movie stars. Apart from beautiful beaches, promenades, parks and coastal towns, don’t miss the small towns located in the inland of Istria, which are full of interesting history and legends.

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Probably the most famous checkpoint in Pula is the historic arena – amphitheatre, which dates back to the Roman times, when this city was the administrative centre of the entire Istria. Today (and the day lasts quite long here – with 2300 sunshine hours per year) it offers various contents for even the most demanding guests – music and nightlife, festivals and themed events, top flavours, culture and history.



Last year Rovinj was named the Croatian tourism champion due to many gastronomic destinations (restaurants, taverns, wine shops, etc.) its cultural, sports and entertainment activities for all types of visitors (businesspeople, families, individuals, couples, athletes, adventurers, lovers of shopping, nature lovers…), throughout the year and in all seasons.



Year after year, more and more visitors are recognising the charms of this city. Poreč and Rovinj are some of the strongest tourist huts in Istria, and one of the strongest in the Adriatic. This town and its surroundings offer opportunities for holidays with children, plenty of entertainment, nautical and cultural facilities, wellness centres, beaches, exceptionally developed gastronomy, as well as many educational and/or entertaining excursions. Year after year an increasing number of visitors recognises its charms.

Everything you desire



2 KM

Few minutes by car or a recreational walk to beach in Ližnjan.


12 KM

Located in the city of Pula, only 30 minutes by car to the stunning Villa Atria.


0.8 KM

Wine & dine in Ližnjan. A large variety of the Mediterranean gastronomy.


0.5 KM

Few minutes of walking to the nearest shops for all necessities in Ližnjan.